Your Brain Can Work 12 Hours Every Day And Not Burnout

You can actually work long hours, day in, day out, and experience little or no stress. How? By accentuating positive principles that empower an attitude of peace in your daily life. That’s not an opinion; it’s hard science.

A dynamically peaceful attitude not only eliminates the fatigue and diminished brain function that stress causes, it takes your brain in the opposite direction. It expands and integrates brain networks that generate peak performance, emotional intelligence and creative insight.  The science on this is now definitive (Dias-Ferreira, 2009; Lutz, Davidson, 2004).

A peaceful attitude also helps in building resistance to a long list of diseases that plague modern human beings, including heart disease, cancer, immunodeficiency, diabetes, depression, dementia and premature aging (every year of stress adds six years of aging).

Most of us think of peace as a rather complacent way of being that has no power in the “real world;” a nice sentiment on a holiday card, but not a practical way to maintain your competitive edge. Not so.  Others even believe that the opposite of peace — which is stress and fear — is what drives success.  Also, not so.

Science now knows that peace, as a way of being and relating to life’s challenges, generates the brain structure and chemsitry to perform at optimum. Stress renders the brain incapable of sustaining peak performance.

Stress hormones shrinks regions of the brain associated with creativity, executive decision-making and goal-directed behaviors to shrink.  Stress hormomes also expand regions of the brain that make us anxious and habituate unproductive behavior, neurologically predisposing us to doing the same dead end things over and over.

Happily, we can rewire the brain and reverse the damage by making a dynamic shift in attitude – toward peace.

Make no mistake, your attitude literally determines whether your brain is at full power or not.  A small amount of time invested every day toward shifting your attitude from fear and stress to peace returns enormous dividends.

This shift in  attitude is built on simple qualities anyone can accentuate.  It’s having faith in yourself. It’s trusting the process and letting go of fear.  It’s refuting worried, stressful thoughts and choosing to be calm and realistic. It’s listening better, judging less, and forgiving more.

These qualities when practiced consistently come together to form a dynamically peaceful attitude.  In the most fundamental sense, a dynamically peaceful attitude means you are not afraid of the world and its challenges.

Practiced with consistency, within a matter of weeks this dynamically peaceful attitude becomes neuroplastic – meaning it changes brain structure and chemistry in important ways.

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