Radical Peace Video Miniseries ($124)

The End of Stress book produces a change in you that can change everything for you. The Radical Peace Miniseries complements the book, accelerating that change by making this powerful approach easier to sustain and easier to expand upon.

The Radical Peace Miniseries is an online video course conducted by Don Joseph Goewey. Nearly all the 12 videos are approximately 8 minutes long, so the course does not impose on your busy schedule. You take the course on your own time from any of your devices (desktop, phones and pads).

Watch the first video in the series at no charge.


Each video  builds progressively, one upon the other, moving you forward. The miniseries complements the book by accelerating the shift from stress, anxiety and worry to calm, creative and positive. You will experience greater success in your endeavors, more joy in your work, more peace in your day, and more harmony in your relationships. This approach is proven.

Thousands of people have already used it to make this shift. You can too. It builds the mindset that rewires your brain in these profoundly positive ways, increasing your capacity to excel.

The course also provides:

  • a guide for getting started,
  • a workbook, and
  • a special website that provides easy access to the tools and processes you will be integrating into your everyday life.

The Course

Level One: A radical shift in how you see the world

  • Video 1: Introduction: The Neuroscience of Success of Happiness
  • Video 2: Accentuate the Positive
  • Video 3: Eliminate the Negative
  • Video 4: What Am I Afraid Of?
  • Video 5: Radical Peace Part 1
  • Video 6: Radical Peace Part 2
  • Video 7: Basic Daily Practice (review)

Level Two:  Tapping the brain’s full potential

  • Video 8:   Radical Creativity
  • Video 9:   Radical Self-Worth
  • Video 10: Radical Respect
  • Video 11: Radical Forgiveness
  • Video 12: Radical Expectation