Clear Button in palmGetting Through the 90-Second Window

Built into your brain is a 90-second window that gives you the chance to extinguish stress provoking thoughts, perception of threats, or shame-based judgments that could and set off a knee jerk stress reaction. Miss the 90-seconds and your emotional state can quickly change to anger, anxiety, or depression.

The Clear Button gets you through the window in time.

Here’s how:

  • Imagine there is a button at the center of your palm that, when pressed, sends a signal to your brain to stop fearful, worried, judgmental or pessimistic thinking.
  • Press the button and keep pressing it.
  • Next, take a breath and count “1” and think red.
  • Take a second breath and count “2” and think blue.
  • Take a third breath and count “3” and think green.

Now take a final breath and as you exhale, let your mind go completely blank for a moment. Simply be right here, right now, and relax..

When the upset has passed, quietly re-engage with the situation and consciously choose to be at peace, regardless of circumstances or outcomes, confident in the clarity your calm now affords you.

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Here is Why This Technique Works?

The part of the brain that causes stress reactions literally has the intelligence of a toddler. And every parent knows you don’t stop a tantrum by appealing to a child’s logic.  You distract them.  The button, the numbers, and colors combine in this tool to distract the terrible two-year-old in your brain from going off the deep end and taking you with it.