Short Cut to De-Stressing the Holidays

For those who want a short cut version that gets to the essence of my last post on destressing the holidays, here it is, down to 13 words.




Practice this, even a little, and you’ll begin to feel at peace, which after all is the reason for the season.  These holy days are meant to bring you peace, not stress.

The holidays can be hard to get through.  But the power of peace is that it transforms hard into easy.  That’s the miracle of it.  Stress, on the other hand, takes something easy and makes it hard and takes something hard and makes it feel impossible.

You have to choose peace to have peace.  So, be the change you want to see in the world.  Make peace first on your To-Be list as you approach your To-Do list.

Click on the tree for the link to the longer version of destressing the holidays, if you’re interested.