1. What is your book The End of Stress about?
  2. Years ago, you experienced what you call a perfect storm of stress.  Tell us about it?
  3. How did you come into this field of working with stress and the brain?
  4. How  does this new approach differ from stress management?
  5. You have said that there is one change that neuroscience has discovered that can change everything for a human being.  What is the one change?
  6. What are the serious problems that a stressful life can cause?
  7. What are the benefits of resolving the stress in our lives?
  8. What causes one person to experience stress more than another?
  9. Is there such a thing as good stress?
  10. For the last 15 years, you’ve been doing an 8-week stress program in Fortune 100 corporations.  What results has your approach to stress achieved?
  11. You state that your book The End of Stress is a workshop in a book.  What do you mean?
  12. There are 20 tools in your book you say are proven to facilitate the brain change that alleviates stress.  Would you take us through two or three of your tools?