Reframing A Stressful, Annoying or Tedious Situation

The PreAttitude process can be used to reframe major issues such as a problem that is about to become a crisis, a deadline you forgot, or facing a person you perceive as difficult or scary.  It can also be used to shift your attitude toward mundane tasks such as reading a bunch of emails, sorting through data, or doing the laundry. Whatever task or challenge makes you groan or freeze, let it become a vehicle for strengthening your ability to shift your attitude.

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Recall a specific place or time when you felt happy and peaceful.
  • Bring that happy, peaceful feeling to life by remembering anything particular about that time, such as the weather, the surroundings and the period of the day, or who you were with.
  • As this happy, peaceful state comes into focus allow it to lift your mind with the good feeling it produces. Relax into feeling good.  Allow it to form your attitude as you look out on the world. Sense the shift in consciousness this generates.
  • Next, bring to mind the situation you perceive as irritating, stressful or tedious and imagine you are in that situation right now.  Bring the peaceful, happy attitude into this situation.
  • See yourself at peace, confident, optimistic, and energetic in this situation.
  • Imagine that, as you work, you are absolutely present in what you are doing. You sense an awake, alive stillness within you.
  • You are open-minded, not so focused on the outcome that it pulls you away from the peace you feel.
  • Imagine that you feel increasingly larger than the situation simply because you are no longer afraid of it.
  • If other people are involved, imagine that you don’t abandon your sense of personal power.  Rather, see yourself able to communicate what you want to say and able to listen carefully to what they have to say, with no antagonism toward them.
  • Imagine that as you settle into this state of heightened awareness the situation is no longer stressful, but is actually becoming enjoyable.

What you are enjoying is not really the task but rather this positive inner dimension of attitude that flows into the work.  Make a positive, peaceful attitude your primary aim as you approach whatever you have to do, and you’ll return home at the end of the day with the vitality to enjoy the evening.