Practice Makes Perfect

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How do you locate the eye of the storm during a stressful day and remain there?

How do you dissolve the negative thoughts and destructive emotions that pull you back into the storm?

How do you ground your life in peace and still improve your life situation in a chaotic world?

The answer is practice, or more specifically, practicing peace.

Practice is taking the right step repeatedly until the right step takes you effortlessly, almost automatically, in the direction you want to go. If you’ve attended my webinar, read my book, or simply visited this blog, you now understand the neurological importance of peace.  You now understand the power of peace to generate the brain function to deliver an optimal life experience, in your career and in your personal life. After all is said and done, peace is what matters in life.

That’s because higher brain function depends on you consistently cultivating an attitude of peace, until your experience becomes dynamically peaceful. As you do, your brain wires for it, infusing peace into every step you take.

Practice takes discipline, and discipline is simply remembering what it is you want and then choosing it consistently. The discipline of peace makes it easier to remember to choose it, simply because it delivers what you want, and there is nothing more motivating than getting what you want.  The shift from stress to peace is the difference between feeling poorly and feeling alive. It is the difference between confused, lackluster, and disconnected, and clear, bright, and resonant. It is the change from feeling besieged by problems to the experience of flourishing. What could be more deserving of your effort and intent than a result that gives you this?

This raises a fundamental question for you to consider: do you truly want peace, enough to meet its conditions?

By now, you should understand its worth to you, neurologically, physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. What could you possible want other than peace? Do you want the delight of using your talent, skill, and intelligence to the fullest in achieving what is meaningful to you? Do you want a deep sense of enjoyment that transforms work into the joy of excelling? Peace offers it. Do you want a quietness that cannot be threatened, a self-confidence that cannot be unsettled, and a vitality that does not fade? Do you want the capacity to meet daily demands with energy and enthusiasm, and return home at day’s end, able to be the person you long to be with the ones you love? Peace bestows this.

“Human life by its very nature has to be dedicated to something,” stated the great Spanish philosopher, José Ortega y Gasset. What offers more than dedicating your life to being at peace?

Yet most of us have been looking for peace in all the wrong places. At workshops, I used to conduct a short exercise called “Making a Wish.”  This segment was intentionally positioned immediately after presenting three studies that showed a weak relationship between the amount of money you possess and your satisfaction with life. Billionaires are not happier than those with average incomes. The Irish, who were comparatively poor at the time of the study, tested happier than the much wealthier Japanese. In America, where income had doubled in constant dollars between 1960 and 1990, the percentage reporting that they were happy remained steady at 30 percent. During the exercise, people were asked to imagine that they had found the magic lantern that granted three wishes. What do you think people choose? It was rare indeed that anyone wished for lasting peace. Overwhelmingly, people wished for things, with money topping the list.

When our sights are primarily on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we miss the rainbow. Often those who chase material wealth much of their lives come to a moment of truth, when they recognize that something vital is missing. What they have missed is the experience of peace, and the joy, enlightenment, and connection it bestows.

It all comes back to practice. Through practice, we are building the brain structure to change stress to ease, fear to peace, powerless to powerful. Through practice, we construct a new autopilot that is wired for a higher, more humane, more loving, more fiercely alive intelligence that can achieve everything we want.

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