Making miracles #1 in my business plan; It’s not as strange as it might sound.

Last week, I had dinner with a friend, who is a successful business man, and he wanted to know what my business strategy was for 2018. I told him that this year, my #1 strategy is to devote each day to creating miracles. “Really,” he said, perplexed. He knows that I endeavor to work as hard and as smart as the next person trying to succeed, but he didn’t know what to make of this.

Here is how the dictionary defines miracle.

Who doesn’t want to have that happen. Honestly, the older I get the more I have learned that I require miracles to bend the world in my favor. After all is said and done, it is the only way I know to catch a break in my quest to reach the heights I am determined to reach. And my experience has proven to me that the miracle I need is always there. So how do we empower it?

Empowering a miracle is simple, although not always easy. It requires a change of mind that shifts my experience from confused and blocked to clear and open to receiving, which is another way of saying from a dark mind to spiritual light, which is what occurs when I make the shift from fear to love. My fear of failing can become a strange room where I grope around in the dark, imagining scary things that are not even there. Making the shift to spiritual light happens when I let go of my fear. Letting it go is like the glow of light that fills a room when the glass chimney of a kerosene lamp is placed over the lit wick. In that light I am powered with optimism and vision, which is a miracle all its own. Eventually the miraculous arrives from out the blue, moving my aims forward. It always astounds me when it happens. 

I sometimes think that making miracles is like winning at solitaire. At first there is this haphazard arrangement of cards set out in front of me, representing the chaos I am challenged to put in perfect order. There usually comes a discouraging moment in the game when I feel stumped and think there is no solution to the cards fate dealt me. But then I notice the one card hidden in plain sight that if freed will allow everything to fall into place. Botta Bing Botta Boom. I just need to step back from the effort and the solution arrives like light.