This page is your gateway to the Living Stress Free Self-study Course.

Welcome to Living Stress-Free, the 7-part self-study course that you can do on your own time and at your own pace. It is a recorded AV program that guides you through each session in making the shift that rewires you for the Good Life.

The course is delivered through Cisco’s WebEx service and consists of seven sessions. The optimal approach is to designate a time and day each week for taking the course.  If this is not possible, be sure not to allow too much time to lapse between sessions.  Also, be sure to do the homework. Consistency is the key to success with this course, so find a routine that works for you and stick with it.

Your license to this program gives you access to the recordings for four months. Thus, it is possible for you to review specific sessions or retake the course.

Here are your instructions for accessing and using the course:


The link to the course is at

Your password is ybstressed101 (all lower case, no spaces).

The above address and password takes you to a landing page that provides the
index of links to all seven streaming files. Directly below the index are the course
materials that you must download.


There are two items to download.

1. The Electronic Workbook

The electronic workbook is an interactive PDF that gives you the advantage of
filling-in worksheets on screen, while the course is in session. You can save to your
desktop the PDF workbook with the entries you’ve made intact.
A second option is you can print the workbook.

Your electronic workbook and the recorded session can be open and viewable,
side by side, at the same time. Instructions for setting up your screen this way are
provided at the bottom of the above landing page.

2. The Audio Files

The second download is a set of audio files that are the guided processes we’ll
use in the course. Be sure to download these files. They are an essential part of the
homework assignments.

There are actually more audio files/guided processes than will be presented in
this self-study course, but all the guided processes are helpful and self-explanatory.

So we invite you listen to those tracks that aren’t in the course.