The Succeeding at Life Coaching Series

The Succeeding at Life coaching series builds your capacity to achieve a profoundly positive shift in mindset that literally amplifies the higher brain function which research shows predicts a more successful, happier and healthier life. 

Psychology calls it “The Good Life, ”  which is a life of flourishing. Imagine a life of consistently being well and doing well, achieving your best day, every day. 

What this Series Can Do for You

The shift in mindset you will make literally generates the brain function that delivers the fluid and creative intelligence to solve problems and achieve goals, along with the emotional and social intelligence to instill joy in your work, peace in your life, and harmony in your relationships.

The Cost & What It Includes

The cost of the series is $1,124.  This includes:

  • Four 50-minute coaching sessions conducted weekly on face time/phone, Skype or Zoom with Don Joseph Goewey, author of The End of Stress.
  • Access to the Radical Peace website containing all the tools, videos and audio files that augment the learning process.
  • A 12-part refresher series of 8-minute videos to sustain and build on the change you will make in the coaching sessions.

For More Information or to Schedule the Series