The End of Stress, 4 Steps to Rewire Your Brain

Don Joseph Goewey

“The End of Stress is one of the most compelling books on the market.”
Eric Severson, Global Vice President of Human Resources at The Gap

The End of Stress is not just about ending stress; it is about going beyond it, crossing over from a stressful life to a life of flourishing at what matters most to you. We human beings are called the crown of creation because of our brain, yet for far too many, our brain does not seem to crown our lives. Quite the contrary, it routinely malfunctions in self-defeating patterns of stress. Neurologically, stress means the brain’s fear center has taken charge of our experience, reducing us to fight or flight stress reactions that dump toxic stress hormones into our system, switching our emotional set point to negative, lowering IQ, causing marriage and family dysfunction, and damaging our DNA and immune system in ways that can cause life-threatening illness.  

Stress is life-threatening serious.  We need to tend to it by learning to shift stress whenever it raises its ugly head, and we can. Research over the last thirty years has established that your brain takes its direction from your state of mind, and The End of Stress translates the new research into simple, proven tools that build the mindset that changes the brain to change your life in profoundly fulfilling ways.



Stop Fixing Yourself, Wake Up, All is Well

Anthony DeMello

edited by Don Joseph Goewey

Can you imagine a genuinely happy person, who, unlike most of us, is fearless and free from insecurity, stress, and worry – someone at peace with themselves and the world? Anthony De Mello said people often asked him:

What do I need to do to change to become such a person?

If you’re one of those people, De Mello has a surprise for you.  You don’t have to do anything.  You’re already free.  You’re already happy and at peace right now, but don’t know it. You’re surrounded by joy, happiness, and love, but don’t see it.

The reason?

You are asleep, having a nightmare. You’ve been hypnotized, like someone a stage magician has hypnotized to see what is not there and not see what is there.  Stop Fixing Yourself is your wake-up call, and it’s simpler than you might imagine.