Black Belt in Inner Peace #30

Black Belt in Inner Peace contains short journal entries I have kept and continue to add to, as I go for a black belt in inner peace by endeavoring to move through each busy and sometimes stressful day with greater grace and ease. 

Number 30: Community

I just returned from a three-day gathering on Spain’s Mediterranean coast of 50 people from around the world who were invited there by a rather famous person to celebrate his birthday … but also because this wonderful person wanted his close friends to meet each other, since many hadn’t.  The first day was spent getting the basic facts on each other and working through the awkwardness of finding something more to talk about.  The second day we began letting our hair down and revealing more about ourselves.  The final day it was easy to be authentic and to care about one another and there were hugs everywhere as we left to catch planes home … and I thought: all it takes is three days away from the rat race and humans start becoming a community.