Black Belt in Inner Peace #29

Black Belt in Inner Peace contains short journal entries I have kept and continue to add to, as I go for a black belt in inner peace by endeavoring to move through each busy and sometimes stressful day with greater grace and ease. 

Number 29: The power to choose

My spiritual practice has come down to one very simple approach: choosing what I want to experience. Everyday some stressor, problem, blunder, bad news, or absurdity surfaces and if I’m unconscious it can take me down. Today the challenge was with a friend. But it is now my practice to be keenly aware of any self-doubting thoughts and emotions that raise their ugly head and to consciously choose happiness over whatever happens on the outside. When I make happiness more important, my fear of failure fades and what takes its place is the faith in myself that happiness restores. Then anything feels possible.  I have been practicing this long enough now that it is wired into my brain, making it easier for me to make this shift quickly.