Black Belt in Inner Peace #28

Black Belt in Inner Peace contains short journal entries I have kept and continue to add to, as I go for a black belt in inner peace by endeavoring to move through each busy and sometimes stressful day with greater grace and ease. 

Number 28: The better angels of my nature

This morning during meditation I could see two incompatible selves at work in me. There was my old self – the graduate of the school of hard knocks – moving incessantly, often pointlessly from one worry to the next, becoming more and more anxious until I was hopelessly lost in all its confusion. That’s where my meditation began today — in a bad neighborhood. But I managed to recover by standing back from the frenzy simply by observing it and as I did my mind began to untangle and calm down and the Self that deserves a capital ‘S’ began to emerge all by itself, and my mind became expansive and I was happy and felt alive and could see every reason to be optimistic in what I am. It was quite a shift.