Black Belt in Inner Peace #17

Black Belt in Inner Peace contains short journal entries I have kept and continue to add to, as I go for a black belt in inner peace by endeavoring to move through each busy and sometimes stressful day with greater grace and ease.

Number 17: Wanderlust

As I write this, the sky is dark and tumultuous, brewing up a rainstorm, and I try becoming one with its power and beauty, so I can embrace all the fresh possibilities for creating success today. But my heart won’t cooperate; it doesn’t want to work today. It wants me to jump on an airplane and fly faraway to some wild unknown country and disappear into the wonders of this world … and I’m seduced and even think of quitting … until I hear Robert Frost whisper in my ear, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but you have promises to keep and miles to go before you sleep.”