Black Belt in Inner Peace #14

Black Belt in Inner Peace contains short journal entries I have kept and continue to add to, as I go for a black belt in inner peace by endeavoring to move through each busy and sometimes stressful day with greater grace and ease.

Number 14: A lighter happier heart

Today I committed myself to being mindful to bust small grievances during the day by forgiving them immediately …  and, of course, the world offered me a good number to work with … like the truck driver who tailgated me for half a mile, and the grocery clerk wasting time, chatting it up with a customer when I was in a hurry, and the woman who came late to yoga and squeezed into the tiny space between my mat and the wall.  I forgave them all, as well as a few other “trespassers,”and my reward … for real … was a lighter, happier heart and way better energy for my work.