The Clear Button

Getting Through the 90-Second Window Built into your brain is a 90-second window that gives you the chance to extinguish stress provoking thoughts, perception of threats, or shame-based judgments that could and set off a knee jerk stress reaction. Miss the 90-seconds and your emotional state can quickly change to anger, anxiety, or depression. The Clear Button gets you through […]

Super Hero Consciousness

Our mind increases in strength and power when we free it from the worry and anxiety that make us stress repeatedly and unnecessarily. I say unnecessarily based on research which found that 85% of what we worry about never happens[1]. Stress fragments the mind and a fragmented mind keeps us in survival mode, where life […]

The Simple Cure to Fatigue and Burnout

Believing we have drained our brain is what drains our brain. Yet most people think that the exhaustion they feel at day’s end is caused by a hard day at work. Yet, if we look at it closely, for most of us the only physically taxing thing we probably did at work that day was walk in and out of the […]

The New Formula for Success in Business

The new research I am about to summarize could not be more important to a company’s success. Taken as a whole it tells us that the more stressful the job, the lower the employee engagement; the lower the employee engagement the less efforts succeed. By extension, if a company is not focused on resolving stress, […]