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Dedicate Yourself To This

Human life by its very nature has to be dedicated to something. 

Attitude is neuroplastic; it rewires the brain.  Below are elements of an attitude that can rewire the brain to extinguish stress and anxiety and light up cortical networks that enable you to reach your highest potential.  See if you can feel the strength in each of these qualities as you read them.

  • A calm, clear sense of your own personal power and the integrity to assert it without the need to overpower others.
  •  Unafraid. Unhurried. Free of worry. Fearlessly self-confident.
  •  A curiosity that is fully present.
  •  Energetic, resilient, faith in the face of adversity, trust in the process, joy in the challenge.
  •  A kind and empathic heart, a willingness to forgive, a disinterest in judging or condemning.
  •  A felt connection with one’s own heart, with others, and with life itself.
  •  An enduring sense of the whole that transcends the fragments.
  • A sense of the sacred.

The one word that describes this attitude is peaceful.  Each of these qualities generate a dynamically peaceful state of mind.  What could you possibly want that this peaceful attitude cannot deliver? Do you want the delight of using your talent, skill, and intelligence to the fullest in achieving what is meaningful to you? Peace offers it.  Do you want a deep sense of enjoyment that transforms work into a labor of love? Do you want a quiet mind that cannot be threatened, a self-confidence that cannot be unsettled, and a vitality that does not fail? Peace bestows it.  Do you want the capacity to meet daily demands with energy and enthusiasm and to return home at day’s end, able to be who you want to be with loved ones?  Peace delivers it.

“Human life by its very nature has to be dedicated to something,” stated the great 20th century philosopher José Ortega y Gasset.  What offers more than dedicating each day to being at peace?  Building an attitude of peace is simpler than you might think.  The principles of peace are basic and only require that we remember to remember to put them first in every transaction.

The Target Few Can See

I am writing a new book, entitled “Dear Genius,” and it’s intended to speak straight to you. It’s not hype. You possess your own brand of genius; it’s waiting for you to establish the environment within your brain so it can be realized.It’s the intel inside.

The great philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer defined genius best. He said “talent is the ability to hit a target few can hit. But genius hits a target few can see.” How do you see that target?

Through a process called neuroplasticity. You rewire your brain to lead from higher order brain function and then place that brain power in the hands of your higher mind. It’s simpler than you might imagine. It does not matter how old you might be. A simple practice performed each day gradually opens your eyes to see the bull’s eye your genius is meant to hit.

Take a moment and try to imagine your brain at full power generating the creative and emotional intelligence that not only succeeds at life but flourishes.

It’s achievable and it all starts with the brain.