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The Good Life

I’ve written two books on stress, and the latest one I boldly entitled The End of Stress.  Now when I’m out on book tours, or presenting keynotes and seminars people ask me if I’ve ended stress in my life, once … Continue reading

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Quieting the Voice that Shames You

from my article in the Huffington Post Imagine making a mistake that holds the threat of negative consequences for your family or your work. As you sit there alone, aware that it’s your mistake, and it must be disclosed, what is your … Continue reading

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Take Your Vacation. It Will Rebuild Your Brain.

More than one in three of us are forfeiting our vacation time.  Instead of taking time to renew, most of us are working harder than ever, an average 49 hours a week. We are putting in 100-200 more hours per year … Continue reading

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Your Brain Can Work 12 Hours Every Day And Not Burnout

You can actually work long hours, day in, day out, and experience little or no stress. How? By accentuating positive principles that empower an attitude of peace in your daily life. That’s not an opinion; it’s hard science. A dynamically … Continue reading

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The Target Few Can See

I am writing a new book, entitled “Dear Genius,” and it’s intended to speak straight to you. It’s not hype. You possess your own brand of genius; it’s waiting for you to establish the environment within your brain so it … Continue reading

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