Questions to Ask

  1. How big is the problem of stress in America?
  2. Why are people so stressed?
  3. Your book title asserts that we can end stress.  How?
  4. What happens to people who don’t deal with the stress in their lives?
  5. What happens to your brain when you end stress?
  6. In your book you write about making the shift to a calmer, more peaceful state of mind right in the middle of what you called a “perfect storm of stress.” What was your “perfect storm?”
  7. How does stress make us sick? How does it lower our emotional intelligence?  How does stress keep us from sustaining peak performance at work?
  8. I understand you teach people a number of tools that extinguish stress reactions. What is a tool you can teach us now that ends stress? Can you explain why it works.
  9. There is a secret question you teach that people can ask themselves to start the process of rewiring the brain. What is it?

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