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We think stress is caused by problems that life imposes. It’s the other way around.

We think stress is caused by problems that life imposes.  It’s actually the other way around. Stress is the cause of most of the problems that continue to plague us – from money, family, and work problems, to physical and … Continue reading

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The Power of Suggestion is Real (the scientific version of “The Secret”)

You get what you expect to get Crossing your  fingers, rubbing a rabbit’s foot, knocking on wood, or wishing on a falling star all have one thing in common – the power of suggestion.  The magic you imagine in the … Continue reading

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Back To School ~ The best predictor of your child doing well

Every good parent wants to empower their child to excel in school.  You buy them school supplies, dress them up in the latest fashion and, if you can arrange it, enroll them in the best school in town. Certainly, these … Continue reading

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The Best Predictor of Your Child Doing Well

It’s well established in attachment theory that the best predictor of a child’s well-being is a parent’s self-understanding and positive attitude toward life.  A parent’s attitude shapes a child’s developing frame of mind, which in turn literally shapes a child’s brain. If a parent’s attitude is stressed … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

How do you locate the eye of the storm during a stressful day and remain there? How do you dissolve the negative thoughts and destructive emotions that pull you back into the storm? How do you ground your life in … Continue reading

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