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Back-to-School: The Best Predictor of Your Child Doing Well

from my article in the Huffington Post This month parents all over America are busy preparing their children to go back to school, but one task that’s probably not on anyone’s to-do list is lowering mom and dad’s stress level. … Continue reading

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Stress, the Brain, and the Neuroscience of Success

from my article in the Huffington Post A new field of neuroscience has emerged in the last ten years that has mapped the mental zone that can literally change the brain to quiet an overly active stress response system and … Continue reading

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7 Ways Stress Ruins Your Life & 5 Steps To Turn It Around

from my article in the Huffington Post We think our problems produce the stress we experience but it’s actually the reverse. Stress causes most of our troubles– from money, family, and work problems, to physical and mental health issues. Most of … Continue reading

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Take Your Vacation. It Will Rebuild Your Brain.

More than one in three of us are forfeiting our vacation time.  Instead of taking time to renew, most of us are working harder than ever, an average 49 hours a week. We are putting in 100-200 more hours per year … Continue reading

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The Power of Suggestion is Real (the scientific version of “The Secret”)

You get what you expect to get Crossing your  fingers, rubbing a rabbit’s foot, knocking on wood, or wishing on a falling star all have one thing in common – the power of suggestion.  The magic you imagine in the … Continue reading

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