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The Solution to Stress (that goes far beyond stress reduction)

There is a solution to stress that takes people far beyond anything stress management can achieve.  The solution is neuroplasticity. Stress management focuses on changing your behavior; neuroplasticity focuses on changing your brain. The problem with behavioral change is that … Continue reading

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85% of What We Worry About Never Happens

Mark Twain said: My life has been filled with calamities, some of which actually happened.  There seems to be nothing more fictitious than the worry that goes on in our heads.  Now there’s a study that proves it.   Researchers at the University of Cincinnati … Continue reading

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The Cure to Mental Fatigue

Have you ever felt exhausted in the middle of day and when you got home you were so devoid of energy that all you could do was space out in front of the TV?[i]  It’s a common phenomenon in corporate … Continue reading

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  Reframing A Stressful, Annoying or Tedious Situation The PreAttitude process can be used to reframe major issues such as a problem that is about to become a crisis, a deadline you forgot, or facing a person you perceive as difficult or … Continue reading

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